• I watch it alot (my moms half deaf) and i don't even notice it anymore
  • It drives people nuts, but I always watch TV with the captions on...... I live near the Oceana Naval Air Staion and with the jets constantly going by overhead, the only way you can watch TV without the dialog being interupted by the jet noise is to read it at the same time as hearing it.....
  • depends on the color of the cc on the tv for me.
  • I have a tv that does that when you mute it. It's hilarious sometimes. They misspell words all the time, and sometimes just put the wrong word.
  • we have a T.V. station called SBS here in Australia and it shows mainly overseas programs and movies and in what ever countries language they come from ...we get the english version words running along the bottom of the screen...sometimes its a scream as the action and emotions on the screen just doesn't match the words being typed across the bottom...must lose something in the but after a while you come to grips with reading and watching at the same time
  • Where I work there are two TVs, one tuned into the Weather Channel and the other CNN. They have the volume turned down and closed captioning on. I find it annoying because the closed captioning does not keep up with what is being said and what is being said is too often misspelled.
  • I've mistakenly somehow gotten it on closed captioning and it drives me crazy until I get it changed.
  • Close captioning is distracting and takes away a little bit of the enjoyment of the program.
  • I would no like it. I saw my autistic son do that a lot. I think he started that because he realized that some words didn't make sense to him.. We can piece things together even if something is said strangely or pronounced differently. We could figure it out by the rest of the words. He couldn't, so he started using that. He could read for as long as I can remember and spell anything, and He realized he wasn't grasping words that were slurred for example, he would say them just as they did, then he started using closed captioning. He doesn't have to do it anymore, I noticed
  • Always use captions, and am sometimes a little frustrated when something doesn't have captions. My husband plays guitar all the time, and I could have just been annoyed by this. However, his guitar playing is so lovely that I just started using captions instead. That way, everyone is happy. Sometimes the captions are incorrect, which is kind of funny.
  • I do it sometimes when I need a laugh. I don't have cable, so sometimes if the signal's not super-strong, the captioning comes through as a mix between the correct words and utter nonsense, it's hilarious.
  • I use closed captioning almost all the time, because I have 2 boys who like to be loud and play in the same room where I watch tv. I also have plugged ears from hay fever almost all the time, so I can't hear the tv without it being loud, which I hate.
  • My hsbnd was born deaf in one ear. We use the captioning a lot. It doesn't bother me unless there is a huge lag-time, which depends on the program. Movies usually do pretty well. Some of the news channels are bad - captioner struggles to keep up, lags 3 or more sentences behind, types nonsense words... If it's too irritating, I just close my eyes and listen - or tune it out and read.
  • I hate having that takes away from what your watching. I end up trying to read the captions even thou I can hear and see just fine.
  • i am hard of hearing... more like i misinterpret what i hear (although I am young), so the CC helps when I don't feel like having the sound on very loud.
  • Yes I have, I usually watch it when a fan or heater is going, or I have music playing. People always ask me why... but it does distract me from time to time because I'm trying to see what they're saying and I'm not watching what is happening, so in a way it does take away from the enjoyment of the program.

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