• Get another boyfriend.
  • sorry but you won't ....the daughter has him wrapped around her little fingers ....walk away now before it leads to further hurt ..and it will, the daughter will ALWAYS win and she knows it
  • OMG. Cut and run.
  • I am a very unaffectionate person myself, with the exception of towards my daughter. I have never seen her smirk or acknowledge this, but I know the more I am pushed for affection the more I push away. I seriously don't know why, but to me it just feels uncomfortable. We weren't a real affectionate family growing up so I am guessing that's why. But my daughter is mine and came from me and I feel a lot differently towards her regarding affection. I don't think it's the fact that he has a problem with you, it might just be the way he is. If it bothers you a lot and you guys can't work it out, then you will probably need to move on.
  • That is so mean of your boyfriend, he is disrespecting you and teaching his daughter, how to be a brat, and that if she plays along with him, she will get what she wants. I bet, if you turned the tables, and stopped trying to get his affection, things would change. You dont deserve to be treated like that, find someone who will treat you like they want you. Choose better for yourself.
  • Did you not know he was this way when you were dating? Is this a sudden change?
  • Leave him! If you have tried to explain it, and he obviously understands, but doesn't care enough about your feelings to make any effort, then he is telling you all you need to know - HE DOESN'T CARE. Not about you, not about your feelings. Personally, I would say that he is probably too emotionally enmeshed with his daughter to have a successful relationship with an appropriate woman. Run for the hills Sister!

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