• Only he knows the answer to your question.
  • Omg this happen to me. I never noticed this guy for (he was 2 years older and in yr 12)but then at one point we kept meeting eyes. Like everytime we pasted. Ive never spoken a word to this guy. The he leaves school and then i see him at the gym i go to! And he looked at me as soon as I came into the room. Its so hard to know if they like you isn't it grrr lol So it might. Can you talk to him somehow?
  • I won't answer the question, however I will teach you to get the answer. STEP 1-Go up to said boy STEP 2-Ask boy to movies STEP 3-Go to movies/eat tub of icecream if he says no
  • :) Now you know how men feel when asking women out. But it is possible, he might be curious himself if he is attracted to you. But if it is as often as what you portray it to be, yeah he likes you. You should ask him out if you like him to, if he says no, he says no. I know it sounds harsh, but it's ok, at least you know. If he says yes, well congratulations. You will never know if he does/doesn't if neither one of you does something. It's like when you go somewhere and you think to yourself "Hmm, is that such & such" Chances are it is, and the other person is thinking "Hmm, I wonder if that is such & such" If neither one of you say anything, you will never know. So it's best to just dive in and ask, if they say no, hey no big deal, it's not like they are going to shout at you or bite you. Good luck.
  • Absolutely. He is also shy so you intiate the conversation.
  • Well about the staring thing he probably does. But you brought up the "he leaves the library when i go in" is kinda wierd. so I dont know 50% chance he does
  • i would say yes
  • If possible try to find out where his locker is and be standing there. This will be both shocking and exciting to him and then you can proceed to ask him to join you for lunch.
  • He probably does. But he's too shy. :P I suggest you start a conversation first? See how that plays out? :)
  • I believe so. You will have trouble with him though. Very insecure.

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