• Remember how you feel this day and keep that alive in your hearts. Remember WHY you got married in the first place, why you CHOSE each other to spend your lives with and choose to remain with on a daily basis. Oh, and make sure that you both know that at the end of an argument/discussion, whatever you decided, the wife is always right. :P
  • Advice I always thought was great but never had the opportunity to try. Have your spouse agree NOW that whenever an argument approaches, you both get naked prior to saying anything. Seems like an excellent way to quickly acquire a new perspective on the situation. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • Focus on the wedding now...enjoy every moment...and if that goes great...the years to come wouldn't be nagging on how you didn't do what you wanted on the wedding. hehe that's the only issue i had with my hubby...but i am over it now...after 4 years of marraige. Best advice is to always have respect & trust. Enjoy your wedding.
  • G'day mistje, Thank you for your question and congratulations. Enjoy yourself on Saturday and after that take everyday at a time. Make sure you work with your husband to keep the love in your relationship. Best wishes to your both. Regards
  • well i dont have any advice becuase ive not thought about marriage yet but just wanted to say congratulations.
  • Run! Run while you can! (j/k!) Congrats. You'll remember that day for the rest of your life...
  • ohh congratulations well i think you should remeber to always make the effort!! communication is key so all tho its good to get out some anger talking will always sort out issues better then yelling make sure he knows he has to put in the efort too and to do things for eachother good luck and have a happy married life
  • The best and most lasting advice I got was: Begin as you mean to go on. Also, enjoy each other for awhile and allow yourself time to "build" a life together. It doesn't happen overnight. Realize that you will learn more about each other and your own selves in the first year of marriage than you could ever have imagined! Oh! One more: You have to chose each other over everyone and everything else every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to bed. --------- CONGRATULATIONS ;o)
  • No advice since I'mnot even engaged yet, but..... CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Support eachothers dreams - even if they are very different. We're all individuals with different tastes. If you force your dreams on your spouse and thereby stifle thiers then only one of you will truly be happy - maybe niether of you. I wish you the best of everything.
  • Congratulations. Hide the remote control and move away from any shops selling beer and you'll be fine.
  • Buy a dildo!
  • Best of luck and take one year at a time.
  • Fighting and making up is highly overrated. Instead we have always thought of ourselves as being in the same side and work hard to make sure our side wins. So if we really did have a fight and one of us lost, it would be too sad, as we don't ever want to see the other one lose. We just think of the others interests before our own and respect each other deeply.
  • Congratulations! "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" really seems to work great in a marriage. Always treat each other with respect. And treat each other with kindness when possible. (Since we are human, it can be difficult to be kind all of the time, you can however ALWAYS be respectful)... Even when you disagree, you must remember that you are partnered for life, and the importance of a small disagreement is insignificant over the long haul. Pride means nothing, so don't let it blow an argument out of proportion. Respect respect respect! You'll find that you always seem to be "getting" more than you "give", and your spouse will feel the same way. Good luck!
  • Congratulations! I wish you only the best! Here's my advice: COMMUNICATE. Not because you have to, but because you WANT to. No secrets. You're best friends, and who would you ever share your secrets with if not your best friend? Fighting is overrated, seriously. Don't do it. It's a whole lot easier to say "You know, honey, that's not cool, and this is why:" than to take a hammer to the X-Box and fight about it for a month. *nods*
  • Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

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