• Could you please finish your question? Thanks.:-)
  • Looks like your boyfiend's ex is still reminising the past... No cause for alarm really. Firstly, he is with you. Second, he is talking marriage with you. Dun let things worry till there is something to worry about. Women...can we be easier on ourselves sometimes? Stop foretelling and looking for signs that its not working for you. And be brave to walk out when something goes wrong. Before anything goes wrong (god forbid), enjoy! Be yourself, be the confident, gorgeous self you are, to remind him what he is in for when he first met you. Paranoia will lead u to do and say silly things that cud ruin a potentially good relationship. Dun be in that statistic. Smile!
  • I'm sorry, but it doesn't sound to me like your so-called 'boyfriend' is divorced. It sounds to me like he is married and is cheating on his wife with you...
  • 1st your boyfriend wares his wedding ring because it is traditional and he will take it off if he asks to marry you and second 1/2 of divorced people like to stay in contact with each another as FRIENDS you shouldn't always assume that he is cheating on you because he isn't. if he still liked is ex then he wouldn't of divorced her. you are a mature adult if your upset ask him
  • Whats the question?

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