• Yes, and we live together now;)
  • never,i personaly know to many people to ever ask someone out on any web site? maybe you should get out more?
  • I have thought about it but never got that far.
  • i would love to ask someone out from AB, male / female dosent matter. it would be a good conversational trip :D But I'm at Philippines, most of people here are from different parts of the world
  • What's AB??? Secondly, why not make a life for yourself OUTSIDE - if it is a website? (reading other posts). If you want things to happen in your life, either you have to change, your circumstances need to change or you and your circumstances need to change! If you just sit down and do nothing, then, that's how life will continue. I'd say, start with yourself first. Even a change of ones looks makes a big difference. (Know from experience)
  • WOw, sounds like you date online Spam-Destroyer. I am not saying that meeting people online CAN NOT work. I've heard of the successful love stories, but I personally feel that it's a low form of meeting someone. I have engaged in it and I think it's low because when you meet random people, you do not know their background or anything about them to really know that it's real. To support your thinking though, I am also aware of organizations which bring certain groups of people together based on religion, culture or beliefs. That's cool and safer however, when it's just random meetings, I think it's great.
  • If the vast ocean wasn't in the way I would.
  • I've been open and to be honest, I've been hit on quite a great deal online - even on myspace - I've gotten numbers and requests for sex. I had to cancel my membership because of this. All I had up as pictures were my face. So, maybe that's how men see me on the net. I have met one or two lovely men, but it was all based on their physical attractiveness to me. I've even met older men who wanted to meet me or started off as friends, but then, wanted more. I personally think friends was just to get more, but anyway. I've had to cut out all that contact. My friends don't get this kind of mail or requests so, please understand where I'm coming from.
  • Uuuum...I think there's a small problem because of geographic differences. :P
  • they could ask certain questions, but that's just a snippet of what's in their head, their personality, etc. I mean, even in reality, I remember some girls thought I was a bimbo in HS, they got to know me and realized that I was in fact quite smart/liked to talk about various topics and had one of the highest points in my SATs.So, you can't learn THAT much about someone from reading their questions - just a snippet - and in fact, only what's on their mind at the time.
  • nope, everyone is from different parts of the world here and long distance, online relationships aren't my thing .. lol
  • Funny thing is that I'm very open about many other things in my life. If I was so narrow, I wouldn't have even tried dating some people off the net. You know what, this is silly. I am not stopping you guys from doing what you do and I've decided for myself that online dating is not for me. What's wrong with that? We can live our lives happily and still be friends no matter what we feel about online dating. Now, how is your day going?
  • If you think that your action is low then get over it. You've proven that you've me a great guy on the net and randomly(?). I acted low because I met those guys who came across as if they were good guys, but really just after my legs being spread. That's been my experience practically every time. However, to be honest, it's no better in reality. I'm a decent girl, but only for my belief that there are good guys out there, guys generally just see me as sex on legs.
  •'re taking this WAY too far. You have nothing else to say because there really has never been anything to say. It's petty. You seem to think that I'm pointing the finger at you. RE-read what I said - random meetings with someone you know absolutely nothing about is and who you do not know is genuine or not is what I call low. I engaged in this low behavior at a younger age and have chosen to not do that again. If it makes you feel any better, I think it's low that people go to nightclubs and have sex with some random stranger. I've gone as far as kissing a number of random guys in the past, but looking back, that's absurb and in fact nasty. I did do it, but have stepped back and made up my mind about it. What's wrong with that? Along with online dating?

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