• Oh...where should I start? I set my alarm early because I KNOW I will use the snooze button. Annoys my husband to no end. I use the pre-fix "quasi" too much when I am trying to explain a concept. I have an obsession with the pant leg-sock-shoe combination and will not leave the house unless it's right. I am known as a chatterbox and have to remind myself to ZIP it sometimes! I could go on and on and on....
  • Yes, so far no one has said that any are annoying, but people have commented on certain things that I do almost ritualisticly.
  • I have all sorts of spider related jewelry.
  • i like to watch country and western video's morning, noon, and nite.
  • Only when needed!
  • I have to hit snooze 3 times before I get up each morning. I bite my nails when I'm nervous. I don't fill up my gas tank until the little orangle light comes on. I suck water off of my toothbrush while I am brushing my teeth. I could go on and on. Most of these I had to idea about until I moved in with my boyfriend last year.
  • When I hand change back to a customer, I have to have the bills face up, president looking at me, not the customer. I have done this for 29 years. Just weird I guess.
  • I fold my wet clean washing neatly before i place it in the basket and then hang it up!.im not in any way a clean or tidy freek but i do have to fold it before haning it. lol
  • Here's just a few: 1. I am sarcastic to everyone, not on purpose, I just have a very dry sense of humor. 2. When I don't like someone/something, I tend to give a very morbid and detailed explaination of how to get rid of it. 3. I always have to wash my dishes in a certain order: silverware, bowls, plates, cups, pans - and none of anything else can be in the sink at the same time. 4. I, too, set the alarm to hit the snooze. 5. I also, like Arisztid, pick apart movies and analyze what will happen next. Normally I'm pretty close, right down to the line they will say. 6. I have to bag my groceries in a certain way: proteins must go either first or last, bread and eggs must be bagged together, all the canned stuff must be together, all of the boxed stuff together, all the veggies together, and all of the fruits together.
  • I am a perfectionist and demand very high standards from myself and unfortunately I too often expect the same from everyone else, and I have a tendancy to be very critical at times. "It just doesn't work that way!" I just have to tell myself to "Chill" sometimes .
  • when getting my hair out of my face, i'll pull it down.. and thats annoying... apparently.. When i eat little pizzas (eg chicago town) i'll cut it in half, then cut out all the pizza bit with a knife eat it, then eat the crust. every time.
  • I have a slight nervous tick that causes me to VERY occasionally twitch and even less commonly to slightly stutter. Other than that I suppose I speak in an incredibly posh manner which a lot of people find amusing. Or when making sandwiches I have to have the meat or whatever perfectly lined up with the edges of the bread.
  • Oh yeah, I'm comprised of a million quirks, habits and annoying mannerisms. I hum while I'm cooking. I have to have uncluttered surfaces in my home or I get claustrophobic. I have to cross everything off my list before I leave the house, and then I have my "once I've left the house" list. On the day I leave for a vacation I have to have a new top to wear. Fleetwood Mac, Louie Armstrong, James Taylor and the Eagles are my road trip music - ALWAYS I must have a least three books going at once. I must have a collection of greeting cards for all occasions on hand. I have to take green chile with me if I'm going somewhere that doesn't feature it on restaurant menus - Florida, Hawaii, San Antonio, Chicago, wherever. Surely people don't expect me to survive two days without it!
  • I have a small stutter. If I am not doing something with my hands, they have to be touching each other, or my face. I think in math. If I get a glass of milk, I have to drink it right where I poured it. If I wait too long, I feel like it is too warm to drink, even if it was only a minute. I have never been able to draw people. I have always drawn robots instead. And those are only a few things, I have so many.
  • I'm thinking one of my most annoying habits (if not the most annoying one) is my constantly offering food/drink to people..beyond being polite, it becomes obsessive sometimes! :(
  • i'm not sure of all of them, when my hair is in a bun i can't leave it alone, i pull little strands of hair down, then wrap them back up in the bun. it's really irritating. i can't have my knees touched by anyone unless they're fully bent (my knees, not the person) i can't have anyone touch my wrists, the veiny underside. not even me. when i write a paper, and i get down near the end i have to hold my arm up funny so the paper isn't sliding on my wrist. if i'm walking, and i step on a rock that was noticeable through my shoe i have to either find another large rock and step on it with the other foot, or go back to that one and step on it. i have to go to the bank now, so i'll stop.
  • I like to crack my knuckles and it annoys some people.
  • - when listening to someone, i always tilt my head to the left - i pout when i don't get my way - i swear, too much (which annoys the boss and the parents) - i talk weird, and too fast, and like 3 different thoughts at the same time - apparently, i have very intense eyes - i have a habit of running my tongue ring against my top teeth, which annoys people
  • i tend to get lost in thought while people are speaking to me and then have to ask them to repeat themselves. people must get annoyed of it after a while lol
  • yes (clearing throat) these are true not joking ! I hate beans in my burrito unless they're homemade.I told myself i'm allergic to nuts but I've never tested this. I will only eat chicken if it's not on the bone except for hot wings cause then it's too hot to notice the icky veins.I will only live in a house with clear shower doors due to the movie " Psycho". If I have to have a shower curtain I will not close it.
  • im sure i must have - just wish somebody would tell me? i always welcome a bit of constructive criticism
  • Yes I do and I think that everyone does... Some have more than others.

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