• A leadoff homerun occurs when the first batter of the game for either team hits a homerun (top or bottom of the 1st inning) A walkoff homerun occurs when a player hits a homerun, putting his team ahead and winning the game (this can only happen in the bottom of the 9th, or any inning after that, because the other team does not get to bat again) The term "game-winning" homerun could refer to any homerun that gives their team the lead, but a walkoff is only when the homerun wins the game right then and there. For example, Edgardo Alfonzo of the SF Giants hit a game-winning homerun last night (6/20/04), but the Red Sox got to bat again, so it was not a walkoff.
  • A leadoff homerun is a homerun hit by the first batter in either half of any inning, not just the first. For proof, do a google search for "leadoff homerun". You will see several phrases along the lines of "leadoff homerun in the fourth..."

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