• Both of my parents have had cancer, my father passed away and my mother is a survivor. Personally, I have a disease where I am in constant pain. when you are sick, you have to take control of your feelings about the disease. Tell this person kindly and with compassion in an upbeat tone that you are concerned about them, that you know their disease causes them pain, worry, etc. But that you don't want them to feel "victimized" by it. Remind them of the qualities you miss or like about them best. Tell them you miss or would like to talk more about those interests they had before they became sick. Please be compassionate, this person obviously means a lot to you. He/She is most likely in pain both physical and emotional. Remind him/her how important they are to you and that you don't want them to fade away b/c of this illness.
  • That's where patience comes in, I think. If those persons where your parent or grandparents, just think of it as your payment for them and if not, think of them as one. Just try to remember the times when you were a baby and you just cry because you're tooth aches but you just don't know how to speak yet and they find it hard to guess it, think of it and realize how they try so hard to understand you and how they survive it. Try putting your feet on their shoes. Learn to know family more and why it's called one. You'll find a source of patience then.

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