• Yes. There are very judgmental humans in every cultural group.
  • Yes, there are some judgemental Jews...there are judgemental people in all religions. I think we just notice it more from Christians because of sheer numbers...there are more Christians than any other religion in most parts of the world.
  • No. Jews are not judgemental. It comes with the religion. In fact, most denominations of Christians are not judgemental. In fact, it's only a minority of people in general who are judgemental, for the Bible says, "Judge not, lest ye be judged" - Matthew 7:1 So, how long have you had this paranoia that people are judging you?
  • People are not judgemental based on their religion - they are just judgemental. so yes, or course there would be judgmental jews just as their would be judgemental muslims, sikhs, buddhists, etc.
  • Humans are judgmental. Period.
  • The answer would be yes. There are also some very judgemental athiests. Believe what you want..don't believe if that is your preference..but no one should have their beliefs or nonbeliefs looked upon with such contempt as I have seen here on AB...and I am saying it comes from both/all sides..not just one.
  • Stereotypes don't work. Yes, there are some judgemental Christians, probably judgemental Jews, judgemental atheists, and any other category you name. Some people are judgemental and some are not.
  • There are very judgemental people everywhere no matter what their personal beliefs or heritages are.
  • I think it's based on personality rather than religion. But I am Jewish and non-judgmental. lol :)
  • There's lots of evidence in the old & new testaments to answer your question. As a Christian I would have thought you would have been familiar with it.
  • I live in a nest of very non-judgemental Jews. Including my Life Penguin. And I assure you I am a character to be judged.
  • I lived in a town where I was one of the few Non-Jews. I am not Christian either. They never treated me or my family with anything but respect, always.
  • they can be judgemental, but unlike xtians, they are usually not vocal about it. They dont go and preach, and preach until your ears bleed. They respect other people, instead of condemning them
  • People are judgemental across the board, regardless of race, creed or religious beliefs. I feel sorry for judgemental people, they are very bitter and unhappy people, who spend so much time worring about what someone else is doing that they miss out on a lot of happiness in their lives.
  • know some, not really practicing though, never seem to be judgemental, just sinners as we all are...but there are plenty of Jews and Christians who are and aren't....just as the Amish, maybe....being judgemental (condemning someone) should be done by no one and there truly are people out there that it is not necessarily a religious thing at all...i think it is mostly a personal, personality trait with all ppl..but judging has different meanings to different people...we have to judge character, school, job, etc..our whole lives..right from wrong being upmost...the bible "judging" that is so wrong is when any one person or religion tell someone u are going to hell, condemning another ..and to do this condemns ur self!!!!this is GOD's judgement only!!!
  • I am Jewish. I assume in every group regardless of religeon you will find judgmental people. Just as you will find tall and short, intelligent and foolish people.
  • I get judged all the time here and people know almost nothing about me except for how i think about religion which I think is pure horse shit...suddenly I'm so hateful and a hate monger..go figure.

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