• Yeah it's funny, it's cruel but funny it's like putting a turtle on its back, it really cant do anything about it!
  • Oh yeah. We made our sorority pledges do it. I had to do it when I pledged, too.
  • No but I did learn to milk one by hand. that was a fun experience.
  • I have pushed on several cows in an effort to tip them in the dark. Evidently Idaho cows don't sleep as lightly. All I ever managed to get done was to get kicked, and step in meadow muffins.
  • Yes, but she deserved it because she gave us really good service and got our food to us really quickly...
  • Yes. It is good, country fun. I have banded a bull, too.
  • I'm expected to tip a COW now?! How much of a tip am I required to give and WHY is a fu**kin' cow serving me?!
  • Yeah , my ex-girlfriend was a waitress.
  • No because cows don't tip over and don't sleep standing up. It's a myth.
  • most cows prefer to be paid by the hour and by the gallon..but ive tipped them often, anyway.
  • This is an urban legend. 1)Pushing over an animal that weighs 1-2 tons would require several people 2)Cows are prey animals with good hearing it would be hard to sneak up on one. 3)Cows don't sleep standing up, so a standing cow is wide awake
  • you fat oakie pigs that do shit like that. i hope someone punches you in your face and knocks every one of your teeth out while youre sleeping. super fair right? fags
  • um pushing a cow over, and no i havent done it.?
  • No-ones tipped me over...yet:)
  • Cows can sleep standing up, so you sneak out into the feild, and push them over. I've gone out to try it once, but I was more more interested in the farmers niece.
  • Cow tipping is suppose to be a prank to push a cow over when it is sleeping standing up. However this cow tipping has been investigated and studied by experts and have determined that it is an impossible feat. When this news came out many said they were wrong because they themselves have stated they have done it. Upon this new news the experts asked for proof which no one came forward to prove it can be done. The experts said that a cow asleep standing, sleeps very lightly and sneaking up on a cow without waking them is not likely. On the chance that you can do this they said it would take more than one person to tip the cow over if the cow indeed stayed asleep because if the cow was awake it would simply turn preventing it to fall. The experts then said that it was possible to tip a cow if the cow being tipped weighed less then 200 pounds.
  • Cow tipping is a prank country folk play on city folk. While the goes to tip the cow, the country bumpkins drive off leading the city slicker stranded in a pasture. Cow tipping is near impoosible: 1. Cows usually sleep in barns, not out in the open, this makes it less likely to be attacked by predators, mutilated or shot by psychos. 2. Imagine trying to push over a packed refrigerator that is tied to table, that's is what pushing cow over would be like. You would need many people to do this. 3. Cows are herd animals and therefore have good hearing to detect predators. 4. I Poed cow could kill you
  • LOL..We used to tell people you can run out there and tip a sleeping cow over just to watch them try..then run really fast..Ya can't tip a cow! :)
  • That is puerile and cruel.
  • I only tip them if there service and manners in the restarant are up to standard, I not one to discriminate
  • Yes. No less than 10% of the check; 20% if the service was good. Proper tipping is important.
  • Yeah, I just barely touched her and she fell right over!
  • No, their service always sucks.
  • Yeah,unsuccessfully,they wouldn't fall over.:(
  • Closest thing I got to it was when I tripped my Mother-In-Law

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