• lick your wounds and move on. The only reason you miss him is because you don't have anyone else yet.
  • Make every effort to make contact with him. you will go the rest of your life, wondering if he was the right person for you. your mind will never be at ease, until you know for sure. the rest of your life will be dominated with this question. why was he in counseling?
  • well if he still wants to be with you and you with him why dont both of you try sittin down and havin a talk?it doesnt hurt to try!
  • Let a few months go by... Contact him, ask him how he's doing. Hang out with him as friends and gage how he is doing without you. See if he validates who you are rather than himself. If he's strong and back on his feet, you might not want to let him go...
  • Gather your thoughts.Ask yourself the question what went wrong?? Was it mutual? Was it something you can work on? Has he moved on? Basically where do you stand right now? Think about it is it really worth it? If yes then first reconcile with him. If things are sour try patching things up and then see if you go on from there! If not then move on!!!!
  • Have some open communication with him around the issues that made you split and look at it objectively as well to check if it can work, or do things need to be different. Sometimes its right to move on, other times reconciling is right - theres so many complex factors involved. Listen to your heart, and use good judgement too and good luck.
  • Keep moving on... If you felt strongly enough about it to end it, there was obviously a good reason for it. Get back out in the social scene. Don't rush into anything. Eventually you'll find someone that you'll be sure about. Like everyone says, it takes time to heal and move on. These may seem like useless words with all of the pain, but they're true. Since he was your first love, I don't know if you've ever been through this kind of thing before, but I have... many times. I'm a mess for about a week, then slowly but surely things start to get better and better. You will go through this again. It's part of life, but every time you dust yourself off and pull it back together, you become stronger. It could take a month if you're in the right state of mind, or it could take years like my first one did. Just remember you can't dwell on the past, there's a reason it's the past.
  • Well, there had to have been a good reason for it. I just saw my one cousin break up with a guy that she had been with for two years cuz he did her dirty, so maybe you felt like he wasn't bein honset about certain things. But just do your best to move on and sooner or later you might find someone else who cares about you even more, so good luck and remember: Try not to rush in to things right away okay? =]
  • Talk to him! but, before you do that, spend about 3 days asking yourself (without seeing/talking to him) about why the two of you broke up. Then (as you're doing this) ask yourself what it REALLY is that you miss about him. Do you miss him, or his love? If it's not him, then you're not gonna want to get back with him. You're gonna want to try and get over him. If it was his lack of him getting counseling that made you break it off with him then maybe you should talk to him about maybe getting back together, but only if his progress is real. Think slowly and carefully on this.
  • I felt the same with my bf..only that he has caused me a lot financially...and I cant take it no more...that I decided to leave him... Now that he sulks over the fact that I cant meet his demand for another loan and he has isolated himself from communicating with me... Whatever it is I still hope life will be better for him. I only have the best interest for him...and I only wish he realised that I
  • Just move on as he still needs more counseling. It takes more than a few visits to get rid of problems. Best to move on if you broke up with him because of his problem. The problem is still there and he must receive treatment to learn how to handle and deal with it and that is a pretty long road to go down and you may not be a part of that treatment plan. Later if he comes back around then maybe , but treatment first.
  • Try to be his friend and keep close. If he has really changed maybe he will take you back.
  • if he has had councling tec let him go. if you get back together with him, then leave him again it would destroy him.
  • I guess that depends on what he was in counseling for. But from what little you have said, sounds to me like you need to find a way to overcome and move on.

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