• Unfortunately, not as much as I should :(
  • I sure do! I am truly blessed!
  • Well,I'm not that lucky..^_^
  • Yes I do. I know I am very lucky in a lot of ways and I appreciate that and try not take it for granted.
  • Yes. I've got it all.... So far. I wish I was more optimistic and not so depressed about future though.
  • Sometimes I try to, but fortune is only as good as the perspective of the observer allows it to be.
  • No O__O because i'm not lucky at
  • Yep- almost every day, especially when I see all those people who still have to work for a living. I feel even more lucky here at AB now that I've read the profile of Blank Savage. :( :(
  • Yes, I am born in a not-poor-nor-rich family. I'm grateful to be me. A month before, a newspaper column caught my attention. It was written, "If you can't finish it, don't order that much. THINK ABOUT THE POOR." We are much more fortunate than those in need, we should be thankful for what we have.
  • Unlike the atheist.. we call it "grace".
  • Every moment of every day.."grateful" is my middle name! :)
  • Daily.
  • I've had some rotten times in my life, but somehow things always got better.. I do think about how lucky I am to be where I am. (Closer to the truth, I think I feel more blessed, than lucky.) :)
  • Daily. Sometimes, hourly...sometimes 'minute-ly' :-)
  • Sometimes when I get upset and think my life is crap I remember there are other people worse off then me. Other times all I have to do is look at my husband in the eyes and know that I couldn't have found a better man if I tried.
  • Oh yes, compared to the starving Ethiopian girl in the ad, you now with the distended belly and the flies around her, I do have things...slightly better. I'm SO lucky. Wow, yes. There are war prisoners being tortured who have it somewhat worse than me. Shame on me for being such a bastard I would forget that!
  • Yes! I'm lucky, but more importantly I'm blessed! And I'm thankful! My gratitude list could go on for hours and I still couldn't name them all! I'm positive I also have blessings I can't even yet comprehend and I'm thankful for those as well!
  • I don't consider myself to be lucky. I don't believe in luck. The Bible speaks against luck. Nothing is left to chance. God is in control.
  • OK, I agree I do, SOMETIMES ! You know, I am good looking.... (ha ha ha)
  • No, I think about how blessed I am. The word luck can be controlled by good fortune through superstitious practices. If someone tells me good luck, I take it in a normal expression. People make a habit out of saying good luck, despite if it's said in a straightforwardly manner or a sarcastic way.
  • Yes, I often do that. I had a successful career in acting and modelling and became a millionaire at a young age. Now, I have a wonderful daughter. I feel very lucky.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      I doubt if you were an actor, a model, a millionaire or even have a daughter. I'm only saying that cause your answer does not make any sense. By believing in luck, you certainly have more faith than religious people, since luck is based on the unseen.
  • just realizing it is enough... very fortunate this one is.

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