• Please see a doctor and to it the right way..Pretty pretty please?
  • it is only about 3 tablets. is not that many. but you will have to go to the doctors right way before it gets to long.
  • Go to your doctor.
  • Probably best speaking to a doctor about that, most tablets do not harm the baby as they pass through your system first but harmfull drugs like smoking alcohol etc i can imagine is harmfull to a baby where as your usual paracetomol might not do as much damage. My experience (I am not a doctor, Seek medical advice)
  • It depends on how far along the pregnancy is, what the pill is and what the dosage is. Not just "any" pill will cause a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage). This is not something to be played with or experimented with. You could harm the baby without killing it or you could kill it but it might not abort and then you would get very sick. This is really only something you can determine with a doctor. If you are pregnant, you can seek free or low cost help at a local clinic, through DSHS, Social Service or Planned Parenthood.
  • there are a few ways. the easiest way is to go to an abortion clinic and have an early surgical abortion which will cost around 500 dollars. unless its a free clinic. they will put you to sleep and gently suck out everything in your ovaries. you dont feel a thing. but you CANNOT be more than 8 weeks along. the other is called the abortion pill you also get this in a clinic this one is a little scary tho cuz you are by yourself when you abort. they will give you a pill which will halt the pregnancy and they will send you home with about 2 or 3 more pills. this is the scary part. after you take the second pill it will make you miscarry and you have to pass the embrio by yourself. meaning that you will bleed it out. also cannot be done after 8 weeks. if you are more than 8 weeks then you have to have a surgical abortion which will cost a pretty penny and will be more painful. good luck. please do it the right way remember around 6-8 weeks is when your baby is developing nerves and eyes and fingernails. it can hickup. it can feel different things. be careful and do whats right for you.
  • Heck no, its not by taking different medicines!! There IS a "morning after" pill, used at the disgression of the doctor, only if your pregnancy test shows negative. After that you either have a theraputic abortion or have the child. Anything else, such as "homemade potions, riding horses, taking a fall....all else is just taking your life in your own hands. If you think you are pregnant & do not want to be - SEE A DOCTOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!
  • Don't be foolish. Consult a doctor yo...
  • Up to 10 weeks you can have a doctor prescribe RU486 the abortion pill. Go to Planned Parenthood and discuss your options.
  • i wouldnt abort it, i would just give it up for adoption

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