• It is more like the book than the original Wizard of Oz. The original is musical and happy...this one is sad and kind of depressing. Dorothy returns to Oz, with Scarecrow as King, and its fell apart due to some crazy lady that turns people into knick knacks. Not really very good if you're a lover of the original movie.
  • I really liked this movie. It's nothing like the original though, so don't expect the huge theatrical production. Princess Mombi was a great character. Her interchangeable heads that she had collected from pretty young girls was an interesting twist. For the full plot check here:
  • I LOVE this movie! It's a little darker than The Wizard of Oz, but it's my favorite of the two. There are a lot of correlations between numbers in the movie that I noticed as a child. It's a very intersting one!
  • It's a fun, somewhat dark movie. I liked it mostly because it was more realistic than the Wizard of Oz, not that I didn't love it. The worst part was the Scarecrow. Very badly made, especially considering the way he looked in the Wizard of Oz. Much too goofy looking. The best part was the Wheelers. They're hilarious. "Ohh! Lemme go! Puhleeease!" I just remembered the Stone King too, "Did somebody say... CHICKEN!?!?!" :p
  • I didn't care for it

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