• Go to your church and explain to your priest that you’re not confirmed, nor had communion. You get baptized, communion, and then confirmation. But communion and confirmation requires classes.
  • You'll need to take classes for sure at your local parish before confirmation and 1st holy communion. If you go to the priest and tell him your situation I'm sure he'd be more than happy to help you. I'm not sure what the protocol is around not knowing where you were baptized. If you don't know where you were baptized, then how can you be sure that you were baptized? One strategy is to call around to all local parishes where you lived around the time of your birth. They keep records and would be able to tell you if you were baptized there. If you can't find out, then you should again talk to your priest and see what he says about the situation. He would be the best advisor.
  • You can go about that by attending R.C.I.A classes, or Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. I personally went through this class this past year. I was not already baptized so I was baptized, confirmed and got my first Eucharist all at the same time, at the Easter Vigil. I am not sure if that will be a problem. I would ask your priest about that and also about the R.C.I.A classes.
  • Join any Cathoic church and ask the pastor.

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