• It is supposed to make your skin softer.
  • Yes but Ebson salt is more beneficial
  • Baking soda also absorbs odors which make you smell better and fresher. The smell it leaves is also more neutral, not overbearing like perfumed soaps and strong pungent body washes. It also neutralizes the acids on your skin and may help with inflammatory actions on the skin as well. (Germs and bacteria thrive in Acidic environments, they don't survive well in Alkaline environments. Baking soda is a weak alkaline, so in essence, you're killing and keeping away germs and bacteria when you bathe more often with baking soda!!:) ) And again, baking soda and Epson Salt are different from each other. Epson Salt is magnesium Sulfate, baking soda is sodium bicarbonate.:)

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