• Your hosting company should offer a service where you can submit your site to all search engines for a particular fee. My hosting company will submit my site to all search engines for about $40. There are other services that you can find online that will do the same thing for either more or sometimes less money.
  • Paying money to have your site "submitted to search engines" is a complete waste. Any decent search engine has a page for adding your URL and there are only 2 or 3 search sites that most of the users on the net ever use with Google dominating the industry. For example, you can submit your site to google via: However, what you really should be asking is "How can I increase the ranking of my site such that searches show my site near the top of the list?". For that, you need to increase the number of people linking to your site. To do that, you need to publish a site that is useful, interesting and/or unique. Then, submit it to various news sites -- typically weblogs and the like (for tech:,, -- each industry has its own set) -- and hope they publish a story. You can also pay $$ to increase your page rank. These are rip offs and may actually reduce the credibility of your site as the shysters that typically run such organizations manage massive "link farms" that contain no useful content, but exist to try and fool search engines into increasing rank by publishing bogus pages full of links. The popular search engines (such as Google) are aware of these tactics and go to great lengths to detect such shenanigans and eliminate any potential benefit. Bottom line: Create a good product and/or create content that people find interesting. Scubabob: Incorrect on both counts. My weblog is frequently listed the top of various Google searches and I have never -- not once-- created a metatag or otherwise injected keywords. If your site is informative and thorough, it will receive links and, as a result, will be ranked highly in search engines. If you must resort to keywords in the metatags, it is time to rethink your site's content. It raises the obvious question of why your site content doesn't actually contain the words that you want the search engine to see (picture only sites excepted, of course)? Pay-for-placement or pay-for-click has absolutely nothing to do with source engine ranking. Any legitimate search engine will either mark pay-for-placement ads clearly or place them outside the regular search results (Google, for example). Paying money for words on the search engine will not boost your sites rankings.
  • You don't have to pay a dime. All you need to do is create a text file named 'robots.txt,' upload it to your root directory, then go to places such as You can submit to hundreds of sites. I have never paid a dime to promote my site, however, I still get hundreds of visitors every week. If you're going for intense traffic, you can pay, however, if you want to save money, just do it yourself. An example of a robots.txt file is here:
  • Edit: Incorrect answer has been replaced. Type some similar websites into your search engine, and see where they came from. Sometimes they are from free forums that you can then go to and put a "press release" that announces your website. I have seen this work for and Also try: and place some "how to articles" to be found at the bottom of this page. Just register at each of the free places I have listed here.
  • Here's a site on google that might help you figure out how to get your content to come up better when people search:
  • For first page placement (top ten) your page must have met a few criteria. The first is to be content driven with the top keywords for your business throughout the page. Never underestimate your competitors and how they got there, remember, they are like you and you can learn a great deal with how they got there. Don't copy from them, LEARN how THEY achieved first page placement. For more information go to or Trever Barker
  • In Google for example you have to register it under a certain category.
  • There are lots of SEO techniques that can help your website to come up on a search engine. Article submission, link submission etc are the effective techniques. Update your website content regularly, this will also help your website to come up. You can also hire ethical SEO Services that can help you in raking your site on the top of all the search engines. Visit for an ethical SEO Services in India.
  • seo is what you need.
  • By doing On page and Off page SEO techniques your website is on top page of the search engine..

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