• You are shit out of luck. It's illegal even if the age of consent in your state is 16.. because you are more than 3 years older. You could be charged with statutory rape at any time.
  • As far as love is concerned, there's nothing wrong with it. Morally, there's nothing wrong with it. My sister was sixteen when she fell in love with her (21 year old at the time) husband. They're still, many years later, happily married. However, you do run the risk of turning him into a lifelong dependant and never really understanding what it is to be on his own. He will need that. My personal advice is to find someone closer to your age.
  • You can get put in the sex offender database if you have sex with him. If it's 'true love' surely you can wait till he grows up.
  • Google age of consent in (your state) and find out if what you are doing is legal.
  • Is this love or just lust? Too many young people think they are in love when actually they are just in lust. Give it time to see if it will turn into love. There is nothing wrong with lust it is normal. See if you and he can build a true friendship and love for one another. Give it time. Your statement "we are crazy for each other" tells me you are not in love yet, just in lust.
  • i wouldnt date him right now, it might be illegal for you to date someone underage

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