• The bigger the better.
  • Convex are preferable but the most important thing is the woman they're attached to.
  • I'm not into boobs. But after having breast cancer I guess I should just be thankful I have both of them! After radiation and surgery, and the wound reopening its pretty ugly, and I'm thankful I don't have an S.O. because I would be worried sick about what they thought and felt about the changes. They are different sizes, and scarred, but I'm not going to go through a surgery to "fix" it. And I don't even bother with trying to make them look 'equal' or hide them. Because this is who I am and if anyone doesn't like it they don't have to look. I'm comfortable with me. Just as I am. I've never been 'normal' anyway! lol
  • B cups. And a cups. I think big boobs are kinda gross in a way. Especially when they are fake are very very large. She has nothing to offer but her body and mind to go with it.
  • I like any of them that don't sag down to the belt line.
  • The scale back in the 70s was: "Anything over a mouthful is wasted."
  • Mine -- smallish, firm, an elegant fit in good clothes. My husband agrees. Big breasts are the very last thing on my list of desirable physical assets. The augmented variety are cheap, artificial, and tacky-looking. Women contemplating augmentation surgery should really seek counseling as to why on earth they want it. The only women who should get it are post-mastectomy patients -- and only if THEY want it, not because they think they are required to meet some men's-magazine standard of how breasts should look.

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