• I think they are sad people that never learned to truly care for other people.
  • I think they are not worth the time. If they don't want to be a genuine caring member of the human race, then they can live their lives outside until they decide to join real empathetic people
  • It times like these I wish murder wasn't a crime.
  • I think we need to deal with them case by case. There are some genuinely evil people in this world who don't want to change and will continue being hurtful until they die. Still, some folks, regardless of how wanton they may be, are sufferers who may yet learn to care for others with sufficient care, kindness and discipline. Thoughtlessness and carelessness differ. The former may be the result of not learning to think, the latter refers more to attitude. More hope exists for the person who cares but doesn't know how to think than for the one who knows, but doesn't care. Put another way, one is a function of the mind, the other of the heart. How to deal with each type is another discussion altogether. Does this help answer the question?
  • Wanton? As is wanton soup? I guess they should share their soup?
  • Apparently it qualifies one to be President...:-P... . .
  • I think we can't place all those people in a single group. That may range from insensitive people to extreme sociopaths. The reasons for that may be selfishness all the way to mental illness. Either way it's a negative trait or behaviour.
  • I avoid these people.
  • They make the best serial killers.
  • I pick on them if they whine about having their feelings hurt
  • People like that scare me; that is what sociopaths do.
  • I think, they think, they can just use people for their own amusement and discard them like trash when they are through. I think they are wrong.

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