• i get too nervous in cars going fast - sometimes too nervous to enjoy myself -
  • Definitely. I love sight-seeing and having the time to think to myself. I also enjoy looking at the other people on the road, imagining where they're going and/or coming from. I pretty much just love the outdoors.
  • I love to travel. My husband and I travel quite a bit, recently we've gone to the Dominican Republic and to Ghana, Africa, and several different states in the US (where we live). I like to see how different people live and how their lives are impacted by their surroundings. I went to Egypt a few years ago and saw roadwork being done with bulldozers and donkeys. People doing their laundry on the street with Jaguars driving by- a total dichotomy, so interesting. I think travel can broaden your horizions and give you other perspectives.
  • I love it. Seeing new places and meeting new people, it's great!
  • Of course it is enjoyable and interesting. Why travel if it is not? The opportunity to socialize in a different environment, be exposed to new cultures, food, and landscapes is both important and memorable.
  • i loveee traveling cuz there are lots of places to site see in the world. and its great so see new cultures and meet new wonderful people. the world also has amazing views to look at. i also like getting the freedom away from my other life. :)

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