• Courts should have record of his divorce, so find out where the divorce was filed, usually where the ex lives if she filed and if he isn't divorced, then your marriage isn't valid.
  • If in the United States: Depending on where the divorce was filed and decreed, the records are usually a matter of public information. You will likely need to contact the county or state court clerk wherever these divorces were to have taken place and ask for assistance in researching divorce records. There may be a small fee for pulling records or getting copies of records. If the records are sealed for any reason, your husband will need to do this as he was a party to the suit and you were not. Either way, your husband should help you do this. In very rare cases, a person can be declared divorced without signing anything, but it is extremely rare (missing persons etc). If he "doesn't know if he was divorced", he might not be. It is his legal responsibility ensure he is divorced before marrying again. Best of luck to you!
  • He doesn't KNOW if he is divorced? I find that hard to believe, I think he is full of sh*t, and you are probably not legally married to him! However, you should probably consider that a blessing, and get while the gettin' is good.
  • wow your husband has been married five times and doesnt know if he has divorced any of them, if he says he doesnt know my guess wouldbe that no he hasnt divorced any of the other 5 wives and will likely be getting charged with bigamy which is a criminal offense, to think you were divorced and later find out that you werent is one thing but to married 5 times and not be sure whether or not you divorced any of them is insane. if he wasnt divorced from all of them before you guys married then your marriage isnt valid.

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