• I think they're setting themselves up for paying for years of intensive therapy for their kids
  • depends on how weird. I want to name my kids spencer and gerdie.
  • I think that it's unbleiveably cruel! No child should have a name like Kleenex. I mean, it's just begging for future bullies to pick on them! I just tihnk that it's very irresponsible!
  • Never mind what I think; what on earth were they thinking. Kids want to blend in not be teased because they have some ridiculous name because the parent wanted to appear creative. Kids take enough teasing about their last name which is something no one can do anything about easily.
  • I gave my sons temporary names, and encouraged them to choose their real names when they were old enough to care. One changed his name to the nickname he had already been using, and the other loves his birth name. This is a common custom in my culture.
  • my parents named 3 out of 10 Jody, Jodi, and Jodie not weird names........but can be confusing
  • I think I'd rather have a weird name than be lumped into the "John Smith" category. Standing out isn't always bad. Unless it's waaay out.
  • sometimes unusual name are cool and creative but if they sound stupid or old ppl-ish then kids are definatley gonna be made fun of. if u want to be creative pick a name that most people have heard and just spell it instead of sarah, i would spell it saira or something like that...but i would like never name my kid sarah bcuz everybody has tht name i know soooooooo many sarahs
  • They will be regretting it after the first time their child is made fun of. Children will blame their parents for this forever.
  • weirdos
  • They must be mad at them ;)
  • Well, seeing as my mom gave me a weird name, I think they are condemning their kid to a lifetime of having to spell, pronounce and define their name for every single soul they ever meet.
  • They must crave attention.
  • I think they are so convinced that their child is going to be spectacularly special and so deserves a spectacular, unique name. Too bad it doesn't work that way...sometimes even a "special" Apple will grow up to be a run of the mill Lemon.
  • It depends on how weird they are. Apple and Blanket are a little out there. On the other hand, my daughter's name is often mispronounced, but ,aside from occasional mild frustration, she is fine. I have a very common name. In a school of about 600 students (k-12), there were 5 other girls with my name. I spent several years wishing I could have a name less common. To this day, I meet people who associate my name with women who are b**ches or sleezy. In general, I just don't care that much about what others name their children and I thank others to stay out of what I name mine.
  • I named my daughter Rowen, not because I wanted attention or anything, but because I hated growing up with the same name as 20 other girls in school (Jennifer). I wanted it to be pronounceable and spellable (actually I preferred rowan... but her dad agreed to the name if I let him spell it with an E.... I was ok with that). Any kid can get teased about their name, I hope she doesn't, but I also hopes she ends up liking it as much as I do. If it makes HER feel special or unique, then good for her. Sometimes I call her Ro for short, and she was sooo happy when one of the Barbie princess movies' characters was named Ro. (Yes I know.... I watch more kids movies than adult now... sad, huh?)
  • "...."
  • I have a cousin named Ya'Dallas
  • I see weird names at work all the time. I can't even begin to pronounce some of them. I think they are setting up their kids for a hard life. It is hard to get a professional job(there have been studies) with a strange name. Who wants their lawyer to answer the phone "this is Laquashawnisha". One thing is a cultural name, which is fine, but these out there made up words is just wrong

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