• Change her last what? your question needs defining.
  • If your husband feels this is a good idea, you might look into having him formally adopt her. I believe the name change can be done as part of the adoption. If it's not done that way, I'm not sure what the details are for changing a minor's name, and it's almost certainly different in different states. You could call the county clerk and ask for information; if they can't tell you, they can probably refer you to who can. You might also call her school and speak to them. You may find that she doesn't need to have her name changed legally to start using her stepfather's last name on her school records. (Generally, you can use any name you want, without legal sanction, as long as the intent is not to defraud anyone or for any other illegal purpose.)
  • Nothing doing.
  • Assuming your mean her last name one things changes thing quite a bit: Are you her mother or her father. I assume you are her mother and if that's the case brace yourself for a battle with your daughetr's Dad if he is around.

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