• I would not do it. Cats and other animals are sensitive to smells and use their nose for different things. Cats will get a respiratory flu that can kill them if not treated. It can run through their genes. If it seems bad, take your cat to the vet and get some antibiotics.
  • Definitely nuts. Don't do it, she'll hate you!
  • In addition to what the others said, animals generally will lick off what is on their noses (vets often suggest for an animal that isn't eating, putting food on a cat or dog's nose to get them to lick it off). Who knows what eating it could do to your cat.
  • If I apply some Vicks to your nuts, will your cat start wheezing ?
  • Human medications can kill cats. You should never use a human medication without direct instruction from the vet. A cars sense of smell is 40 times more sensitive than a humans so you could be causing serious pain and damage. If your cat cannot breathe well, turn on the hot water in the shower close windows and doors let the room fill with steam and take the cat in there for 15 minutes. No more! You can do that every 2 hours. If the cat is wheezing and the cat has runny eyes and or nose most likely it has Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) and you should get that cat to a vet for antibiotics immediately. A URI can kill a cat. Sneezing is the first symptom. When nose and eyes are involved that means the infection has progressed and gotten worse. If it turns to pneumonia chances are the cat cannot be saved and should be put down. Call the vet!
  • The three main ingredients in Vicks (eucalyptus, menthol, and camphor) are toxic to cats. So, instead of going nuts, you would be poisoning your cat. Read Mircat's comment. To add to hers, cats do develop asthma, though a kitty asthma attack doesn't look like a human one. I hope your cat has been to the vet by now.
  • she might, you never know

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