• Refrigerated, a month or more is not uncommon.
  • If they are not washed, like really from the farm, they can be kept for several weeks, if not months, if your fridge is nice and cold. Commercially they often keep eggs as long as three months. But the eggs do deteriorate, the whites spread and the yolks aren't very perky.
  • From the hen house to the stove. One minute. :-)
  • If you do not wash the egg and put it in thr refrigerator, they can last up to 6 months. It would be wise to do a water bowl test to see just how fresh they are. You can leave an unwashed egg unrefregirator on the counter in room temperature for about 3 weeks.
  • 2-5-2017 Six months to a year. After six months you need to crack each one into a bowl and smell it before you use it. About one out of three will stink.
  • Quite a while but exactly...? An interesting thing in that regard, however, is that in most countries (except the states) people do not refrigerate eggs. They still last a long time but that is amazing (if not unbelievable) to many Americans.
  • a friend who has a chicken farm and sells her eggs at farmers markets leaves her eggs unrefrigerated on the kitchen counter for up to 10 days. the egg shell provides a nice hermetic seal which keeps the inside fresh and the outside from getting in.

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