• Hacking is never a good thing, I am not sure how you know what she is doing there but personally I would restrict her access to any computers and sit her down and have a long chat with her. After all, it is very easy with those sites to simply change her name again and again.
  • maybe you should wait until she's on it then come up and push her to the long as she's under 18 and in your home you have every right AND responsibility to do so to protect her!
  • Parental controls on your computer. AOL keyword parental controls, you can also block websites
  • First of all, I would not consider hacking my daughter's computer except in an extreme case. I am assuming you have already tried talking to her about this first... Also there are content blocking systems that can be implemented at the gateway / firewall that could prevent your daughter from accessing these sites if she is under-aged. To answer your question, I would recommend using a key logger. This will only work if you have admin/root access to her system.
  • just because a guy is older doesnt mean he is being a pervert... i talked to a 35 year old guy when i was 13 and he was the best thing to ever happen to me. he stayed up all night when i was depressed and listened to me cry because no one else would. he really did litterally save my life. but in answer to your question you dont need to hack into her account. if you already know she is talking to older guys on there you wont learn anything by hacking into the account. put the computer so that you can easily see what she is doing on it (screen pointing into the room so you can see it from the couch maybe) you can try to prevent her from using myspace (which knowing teenagers wont work) dont try just blocking the site from your computer there are a million proxys to get around that. maybe put a password to get on the computer and only let her use it when you are there. but she will go on it at her friends houses and at the library and maybe even at school you really cant stop it completly sorry to say

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