• anger- when someone teases you, insults you, cheats, steals from you, uses you. talks behind ur back and etc signs of anger- high blood pressure, sweaty palm, teeth clench, no control, fists tight, red face etc ways to control- go for a a book, watch a comical film, talk to someone bout ur prob, sports, counting to ten, taking deep breaths etc.
  • Anger management? That's a type of treatment for the disorder to be rational. If you mean 'what are some signs of 'NEEDING' anger management', I might be able to answer. :)
  • In answer to your rephrased question, signs of needing anger management include feeling irritable at small things, not being able to control what you do when you get angry, resorting to violence, throwing things round the room when provoked etc. Anger can be taken out in subtle forms too like self harm, or (my usual trick) clenching my fists so tightly that they hurt, or screaming into your pillow. If you feel you are upsetting the ones you love with your lack of anger management and controlling your outbursts, then I strongly recommend you seek anger management classes. I hope that helps. :)
  • Major Sign: Not controlling yourself when you are angry. :D
  • Major sign: The guy who's dumber than you seems smarter than you.

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