• Being able to spend my own money on what I want except for rent and bills. To go where I want when I want. Date different gals. Sleep and eat when I want too. Biggest draw back is being lonely at times.
    • Linda Joy
      I can agree with all the positives! I don't remember ever being lonely. I do remember missing people that I like a lot when they're not here is that the same thing? As for feeling like I need someone... I don't. I've been with just me for 17 years and it's working out okay so far!
    • Thinker
      I have been alone this time for over 10 years and averaged 10 years between each of my three marriages. I would rather be alone most of the time but at times I wish there was someone around. I don't even date very much. Plenty of women in my age group but most are lame or on 30 different medications twice per day. I am a long way from that. You know my age and I take only one med.
    • Linda Joy
      Is there even a label for that particular prejudice? What an interesting way to limit your options!
  • Sleeping sprawled out in the middle of the bed. Not compromising on what movie to watch. Nobody being jealous or telling me how to live. Not having a dude slowly try to get me to do things like his laundry and cook for him like I'm his mom. Having said all that- I'm currently actively looking for a boyfriend haha
    • Linda Joy
      I had to lol @ that last line after all you said! I don't recall ever looking for a boyfriend. They just seem to show up, even when I don't want someone! Lol. I don't mind cooking for people I've done it all my life. I don't mind doing folks laundry either, as long as I have time. And as for mothering, I'm a sucker for that, too! Just about anyone needs mothering, I'm there for them! Lol I have 3 daughters I didn't give birth to! But it does present problems seeing someone you mother as a lover. It's just not natural! I've heard it said if you're looking for a partner you should write down everything you want in a partner and once you can define it they will show up! Good luck!
  • getting to do whatever you want without having to ask someone, get to sleep alone with noone snoring or keeping me up
    • Linda Joy
      I was supposed to ask someone? Maybe that's why my marriages failed!
    • Joretta Cherry
      no one

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