• Well it will definately draw attention if you are wearing a belly shirt and have your navel pierced! You can always cover it up though untill you feel comfortable enough to wear a belly shirt so that it is seen. But realistically, people don't see your belly ring unless you wear the belly shirt, a bathing suit, or show I wouldn't worry if I were you.
  • If you get it done now it may be healed by summer - if you wait until summer it'll be all pussy and painful so you won't get it out anyway. The piercing people have seen it ALL before, trust me. They're not going to worry about a little extra on your tummy, they won't comment either. There's nothing stopping you... I got mine done and haven't regretted it since :)
  • If you want one get one. If your a little over weight and have one of the nicer hanging are at least one of the larger belly rings are bars more people will be looking at it reather then your tummy if thay dont you dont need to befriend them anyway. It dosent make any sence to me,so it might be just me, but I have seen girls without belly piercings that I did not find atractive at all but after I not only found them to be atractive but very sexy.

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