• I know a wonderful dog, same mix. I honestly do not know how to answer your question, which is unhelpful. But I would totally recommend contacting the vet to ask this ASAP. It could be such a range of things, and this breed strikes me as being a "master-pleasing" breed and not disobedient. I hope everything works out okay.
  • Our lab chow mix, KC, is about the same age as your dog. KC all of a sudden, started to want to go out to urinate like every 5 minutes which was not typical for him. Took him to vets and they feel he has crystals in his bladder which causes him not to be able to empty his bladder. We need to have his bladder xrayed. He has been put on a special diet, SCience Diet CD, hoping to help with this problem.
  • I would say your dog makes more urine than usual because of a medical problem. The differential diagnisis list for this particular symptom is quite long. Go see your vet. To help him stop peeing in the house take him out more often. The pacing at night can be discomfort (imagine yourself with a full bladder and a timerlock on the toilet), if you can take him out at night as wel.
  • I have a 13 year old lab/chow mix named Teddy. That makes him about 91 years old in human years. He's a perfectly old man. His age has taken it's toll and consequently none of his muscles work the way they used to -- including the ones that make it possible for him to hold his urine the way he used to. He still manages to get outside (doesn't pee indoors) but he needs to let out more often -- and yes, at night too. He also can't get in and out of the SUV like he used to and doesn't feel the need to jump up and chase the ducks at the park anymore (but still loves watching them). It's just how it is as he winds down. Maybe that's all that's wrong with your dog???? I would see what the vet thinks but prepare yourself for the answer that your baby is just getting old.

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