• No you tend to dream in pictures and you first language. That is just a personal ocbervation.
  • Well, I'm fluent in Baby Talk, and I've had several dreams where that language was spoken between me and adults, LOL..strange, I know..
  • This is a very interesting question. My dreams dont seem to have much language in them, I will have to pay more attention. I only know one language well, english. But I do know some phrases in Japanese and German. I wish I had more points to give you. KUDOS !!!
  • I have dreamed I had conversations in Brazilian Portuguese and Bulgarian. My husband (Bulgarian) said most of his dreams are in English now, because he uses English and not Bulgarian daily. (It's really funny when he forgets how to say something in Bulgarian!!! He only came here 3.5 years ago!)
  • uhm i think i'm considered fluent in spanish. i've dreamt in spanish but i've dreamt in languages that i knew weren't familiar to me but in my mind i knew what they were, whether or not i could understand it. actually i think that was part of my dream, i was speaking spanish but the people around me spoke arabic and were trying to tell me something important but i was clueless [i've been learning arabic for a while so it's not as random as you think lol] great question!
  • yeah! i have even dreamt in languages i am just starting to learn.. i think ive dreamt in probably all languages i speak, no matter how well i speak them.. sometimes in more than one language within the same dream
  • Yes, I dream in two languages all in the same dream. This happens when I dream that I have conversations with someone. I spoke my primary language only until I was 15 years old. Now, I think in two languages.
  • I typcially dream in English, unless I have been submerged in Spanish (my second language). I only dreamed in French when I was living in France. I do dream in Spanish from time to time, if I have been speaking it a great deal.
  • I dream in English..but I am often known to speak Mandarin out loud in my dreams...
  • Sometimes. I don't know why. I guess it involves whomever else is in the dream.
  • I asked a friend of mine who is fluent in 6 languages...she said that normally she dreams in her native language (Dutch), but occassionally has bits of other languages thrown in.
  • Not really. I am american, but my boyfriend is mexican, and I talk to him in spanish. When I think about him, my thoughts tend to be in spanish though
  • As far as I can remember I've only had a Cantonese speaking dream once.
  • I speak English and sign language. When I dream I usually dream in both, it usually depends who im dreaming about.
  • I dream in my 1st language (english), however I have had maybe 3 dreams with some french speaking in it; but even those dreams were mainly english dreams where I had heard some french.
  • Actually I am very fluent in two languages (English and Arabic) but I cant remember talking in any dream, let alone what language I was using, I can only remember the pictures.
  • Yes, German and English. I do everything you can do with language in both - speaking, writing, reading, dreaming, you name it! Sometimes other languages keep popping up, too.

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