• It is very difficult to determine what has originated from where with most Ninjitsu. The Ninja travelled, learned, and taught. In "Tanaka-Ryu Ninjitsu", there are many mixed lessons from many places. There are some lessons that have their origins from Okinawan sources, some from Tibet & Nepal, some from Bengal & India, some from Mongolia, some from Malaysia, some from Thailand, some from China, some from Korea, and some from Japan ... there are western medical lessons in anatomy, physiology, & nutrition, there are herbs from Africa as well as Chinese herbs ... The Ninja tried to both gather and spread knowledge and wisdom. Many of Japan's Ninja fled to Okinawa and other islands back when the Japanese Emperor banned Ninjitsu and ordered they disband ... after several generations of living in Okinawa, exiled from Japan, many of their family styles became known as Okinawan ... but I do not know the names of any styles that are totally originating from Okinawa.
  • There are no ryu of ninjitsu comming from Okinawa. Only mainland Japan.

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