• It gave the invaders/immigrants somewhere to put their weapons and hole up to recover before attacking. This is as one unspoken rule of war is you don't attack religious sites.
  • Well it's like if David Koresh had built a few extra compounds, not just the one in Waco, then maybe Janet Reno wouldn't have been able to incinerate ALL the followers. So yes, monasteries may have helped keep christians from being exterminated properly, by a licensed pest control agent like Janet, but aren't we really talking about marketing? To that end, say Jesus had produced his own "Christ brand" toilet paper. Think of it. EVERY DAY, EVERY ONE would see his name. Talk about a saturation campaign! Oh! Yea, and we could call it "Holy shit"!!! Come on! This is brilliant, the details just write themselves on this one, JC baby! Sign here..

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