• Basal Body Temperature Another way for a woman to know if she is ovulating is to keep a record of where she is in her menstrual cycle. The Basal Body Temperature test measures a change in temperature that occurs after ovulation, so it cannot predict when ovulation will occur in a given cycle. Yet by looking at records from a few cycles the test can reveal a pattern from which ovulation can be anticipated. The best way to record and monitor body temperature is with a chart. This provides a good visual basis for determining ovulation: a) Make sure that day one on the chart is the first day of menstruation b) Every morning, before getting out of bed or going to the bathroom, the woman should take her temperature. A regular thermometer can be used, but special basal body thermometers should be available at the pharmacy if the woman wishes to use one. The same thermometer should be used every time. c) Make note of any lack of sleep, drinking alcohol, fever, illness, or emotional stress. It is also helpful to describe the condition of any mucous or discharge. Just after ovulation, there should be a rise of approximately 0.4-0.6 degrees Fahrenheit (about 0.2 degrees Celsius). The day of ovulation there will be a slight rise. The following two days will climb progressively higher. The rise on the day of ovulation is not distinguishable from the normal ups and downs in the entire pre-ovulatory phase. It is only recognized in retrospect when it forms an upward line with the two days afterward. The post-ovulatory tempertures remain at this new, higher level, until menses when they drop and start the cycle over again. Again, it is only useful when a woman tracks several of her cycles and (if they are regular) she will be able to determine when she will ovulate.
  • I can usually feel a pinchy feeling around where my ovary is. Here's a website that will give you more indications:
  • It's different for everyone. As far as tangible symptoms go, you could have many, or none at all. I personally get irritable, sad, pimply, and fatigued.
  • The easiest way is to buy an ovulation kit or else that the body temperature every day and when there is a fall in temperature it means that you are must take temperature in the morning before getting out of bed

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