• Yes you are, the rest of civilization loves it.
  • I think you and I are one of 3/4 of the population that does not like that,so called,television show.What a waste of time that 1/2 hour is.I couldn't get past 5 minutes before changing channels.It is a bad remake of the old "Gong show" with untalented judges judging untalented guests.
  • Looking at your question it might be impolite for me to provide an answer, so I shall be silent about this subject.
  • I can't stand that show.
  • No No! I don't care for it myself. I just think it's awful how because it's rated the number one watched show in america, there are other "knock off" versions of the show, but instead of just singing, it's talent shows, entertainment, etc...and they have the classic three judges sitting behind a table and there's always the ruthless critical one that doesn't care about smashing a person's dreams with they're comments, and the nice one who won't hurt the contestant's feelings, and the mediocre one.
  • I don't like it either. All the singers do not sing in a style that I like, even the so-called great ones, because they emote too much and are too loud and do too many silly tricks with their voices.
  • No, the corporate rigged show is quite possibly one of the most reviled pieces of shit I've ever seen.
  • I can't stand it. I can't stand the contestants, judges or the so-called "stars" that come out of it. In short I hate everything about it.
  • After they get down to the top 10, I'll sometimes tune in because I do like good singing to good music ... but those moron producers really need to dump the "auditions" from the show and stop showing all the ones that do not even get in to the competition. For me, it is this whole part of the show that really sucks bad, bites hard with chipped teeth, and is not at all enjoyable.
  • I watch the first couple shows from each season to see people embarrass themselves trying to sing. After that no more. Like others have said, its all a just a talent show, always singing pop music and such. I guess they gotta find the next Britney Spears or Backstreet Boy somehow.
  • I don't like the way they misrepresent the first shows. They show bad contestants, I mean the really bad ones that every one makes fun of as if this is there first idol audition, when in fact those people have already been passed through other auditions onto the next level untill they are in front of the main judges on tv. Obviously this is done for entertainment value, so the rest of the world watches them and says how can they think they can sing?, well if you had passed through a number of idol auditions you would be convinced you could sing too. I would imagine some of those people just enjoy there 15 minutes of fame but for some of them it's like a cruel joke. This doesn't even address the talented singers that don't even get a chance because they have to save some of the tv time to give us all people to laugh at, seems wrong to me.
  • I don't watch it.
  • Hate it. They're sheep...all of them.
  • Hard to say -- I've never actually seen the show; though I suspect I'd hate it if I ever did...
  • I liked it at first...but then it just got annoying.
  • I'm sure you're not. :)
  • Count me in. ..can't stand it.

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