• well I see nothing wrong with being house proud ....maybe some of the younger generation could learn a good lesson out of it
  • Maybe it makes her feel young?
  • They have nothing else to do my Grandma Cleans and cooks obsessively
  • In the hopes that they can leave behind a living legacy to be proud of. Is there something wrong with that? We should all be more concerned about our "green footprint".
  • It' something to do outside the house, and it's a calming feeling, like gardening.
  • Gives them a purpose... something to do. And it's not a bad thing to keep your lawn tidy.
  • In some jurisdictions, not sweeping your walkway or curb is punishable by fine. Can you say overkill? Then there are the Homeowners Associations to contend with. My former in-laws lived down the street from a guy who swept and powerwashed his driveway EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. He was just a plain whack job.
  • They have more time...
  • i dont know, my mom always does things like that.
  • Well, I learned in foods class that doing that kind of thing helps you remain healthy and active, even when you're older. It also gives the elderly something to do.
  • I don't think it's from being older. I think it reflects being from a different generation when the outside of your home reflected how much you respected it and other people, even your whole neighborhood. And once they are retired they have more time to do it very well. And if you do it all the time, those little jobs stay little instead of the mad rush to do it all on weekends or once a month.
  • I am 62 and I do it all the time. Perhaps it might be easier to explain though I don't go about it past 21.00 as my husband will be bugging me to go to sleep. When we age it is difficult to go to sleep as we nap off during the day. We are therefore not sleepy during the night and we the seniors also sleep less. There is another one to add, most seniors are lonely, they try to keep their hands busy as then their thoughts will fly away with their memories. That is a very good way to feel alone but not lonely, memories are great as they bring back all we have lived through. Regards.
  • 5-29-2017 They have nothing else to do. Sitting in a chair and waiting to die is hard to take.
  • This is a broad generalization that is not true of all elderly.
  • Wjat else do they have to do? If they have no activities or friends or can't drive or too much time and not enough friends or family they do what they can to fill the time. Have you ever asked one of them to go to McDonald's for a burger or to the movies or if they'd like to go get an ice cream cone? Ask them about their childhood and holidays and vacations etc get them talking about themselves. Don't look at them as odd curb sweepers but people with nice yards and a whole lot of life to share.
  • maybe theyre bored

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