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  • Walk away,sorry.
  • Get over him and find someone else. He is now off limits! Sorry
  • Kick him in the balls a few times to get your point across that you're quite pissed.
  • Turn around and back out of the Relationship
  • As hard as it might be to do, walk away. You should have higher aspirations than to be with a cheater. If he cheats WITH you he will probably cheat ON you. Think about it. He obviously doesn't have respectable boundaries.
  • Dump...for christ sake. It's rather obvious isn't it? Pay closer attention next time
  • Don't. Just don't. Not only would you be wrong to interfere in a relationship, if he cheats on her, he would probably cheat on you. He made a promise to the woman he married. If he can't keep that promise, then he needs to be man enough to deal with it and get un-married before he gets involved with anyone else. Put some room between yourself and this dude very quickly. Find someone worth your time to love.
  • There are too many good men out there,run away. Thats a bridge you need to burn and burn it fast.
  • well the fact that you just found out means he was keeping it from you and if a man is not telling you the truth about himself and his life,well you may only be in love with who he wants you to see and also all that being said, your feelings are your feelings. dont look to him to care. he all ready has one womans feelings that dont matter.
  • I guess this is a lesson for all the women out there.. before you start dating a guy you need to ask him straight up 1. Are you married? 2. Are you separated? 3. Are you engaged? 4. Are you currently in a relationship? If they can answer NO to all those questions, you can then proceed. I cannot tell you what to do, I don't live your life. I wish you well on what you decide.
  • Don't interfere. Keep your eye on him so if there are difficulties, and he divorces his wife, you can swoop in. Most realistically, keep in mind that the type of man you're attracted to, and find another.
  • i dont know how long u'v been seeing this guy,if it hasnt been lng leave him coz he duznt respect u enuf to let u on such a big thing if uve been with him for a long time and u think he loves u maybe he lykes u mre than the other woman an mite change hez mind and be with u foreverthat y he kept it a "secret".lyf is a gumble take a chance
  • Walk away and don't look back. Your feelings will fade in time, the situation will not.
  • Dump him... He lie or hide from you all time... He would do again...
  • Get away from him. If he can do it to his wife, he can do it to you. Plus, do you really want to be the other woman?
  • Run, don't walk. This guy is a user and a loser. I hope you know you deserve better.
  • Leave him. Please don't go down that road. If it were me.... honestly I would even tell the wife. Last year I found out my husband had been with someone years ago and I wish someone would have told me. I lived thinking we had something we didn't for years & know deserves that. You don't need to settle for being the other woman either. If he's doing it to her & you didn't know he was married... chances are he's been with others.... not just the 2 of you. You deserve better.
  • He has obviously lied to you.. Anyone who lies to you could not have had any respect for you. Im sure you are better than that and can do far better than him. I hope it all works out for you
  • I'd agree with them all... just dump/walk away. its not worth it. I doubt he will even divorce.
  • I just have one advise for you, end the relationship, they never leave their spouses. Don't believe that he will do that, he will not, otherwise he would it done it long time ago.
  • It's easier said then done but you need to get out of the relationship as soon as you can. And it will hurt like hell and you'll want to call him, text him, forgive him and want to see him again. But be strong. It will be the hardest thing you'll ever do. He's probably very addicting, isn't he? I too fell in love with a married man. I never asked him to leave his wife and I think that's why we lasted for almost 2 years. But the pain of giving him my best and her getting the best of him hurt more than anything. If you really love him, walk away. And if it's meant to be God will let it be with the two of you. My relationship with my guy just ended last night. I haven't stop crying. So spare yourself the pain, move on.

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