• They use storage facilities because they have too much stuff and storing some of it is cheaper than buying a bigger house. Or because they are going to sell their home and not move into another one right away. Or because they have secrets that they have to store away from their families Or...the list is pretty long and nearly endless judging by how many storage facilities there are.
  • ...people dont have enough room. thaaass the point of storage.
  • Thats what undiagnosed pack rats do. They shell out money to store the items they can't part with.
  • Sometimes they use them to manufacture Meth or to have a place for their band to practice...
  • Most of the time it's to store things when moving or when they don't have enough room. In others (I saw this quite recently with a family friend actually) people will pay in cash and hide personal items and cash during a divorce, or hide things from family/friends.
  • Hey, I have a storage unit and it is because I just don't have enough room in my current house for all my stuff. My grandmother left me a lot of valuable antiques that I have carefully stored and packed waiting on when I move in about 8 months. My sister also uses it because her current place in DC is basically a shoebox, but she didn't want ot get rid of her furniture just to have to buy more when she moves a year from now.
  • Too much stuff or they could be between moves. Either way it would be a great investment!
  • Sometimes, they have been forced out of their apartment or house, and need a place to put things while they try to put their life back together again. Storage units are very useful for people who have lost their jobs and have to move in with relatives. Eventually they hope to get their own apartment and get their stuff back. Some people have been sent to war, and need a place to keep their stuff until they get back. Many storage units are rented by businesses to store records that they are required to keep, or excess inventory.

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