• We broke up over long distance. Even though we said we'd be friends, he definitely knows that I still like him. He didn't want to get back together when I hesitated for many weeks before giving him an answer (it was a yes). I've tried the NC thing. Then I naively thought that I didn't want to lose him as a friend. I missed talking to him and I was sorta seeing someone else (who I broke it off with. def not ready) so we started talking again every now and then. Big mistake. I tried NC again for a few weeks. But feelings overcame rationality again, and I asked him if he wanted to catch up this weekend and come to my college. He agreed. Only I'm moving in this Saturday, so I told him he might not want to come or if he plans to come, it has to be Saturday. He texted me today that he can't come, but asked me if I want to visit him. Is this his way of copping out on meeting me? Or does he want to see me too? And why, especially if he knows that I still like him? I can't stop wondering...
  • If he said he wants to see you, he wants to see you. Go. At least you'll know where you stand.

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