• That happened to me. Finally, I just told the guy nicely,"Look,man. I know you like to have a good time and I am certainly not against having a good time but I've got a lot of work to do that requires a lot of attention and effort and I can't really do that and talk at the same time. OK? Thanks."
  • I had a woman who sat behind me that talked to me constantly and when she wasn't talking to me I had to listen to her on her cell phone with her friends and family. She also called me over to help her with dumb things on her computer and she was an accounting person who could not even load a spool of paper into her printing calculator. Thankfully, I was not happy with the job and I ended up quitting after only 6 months and that ended my problem.
  • Tell them (with a smile)that you have work to do,and can't talk.Repeat as needed.

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