• If my husband found a woman willing to flirt and chat with him on line who wasn't some cyber sex-bot, it would be a miracle... I would throw a party. Doesn't phase me at all.
  • Nah...unless it turned into cyber-porn-lets-meet-and-do-things-that-are-illegal-in 48-states kind of thing. Chatting is harmeless, until it isn't. And everybody knows when too far is too far.
  • It depends on your definition of flirting.
  • no not at all... see the both of us a very very very secure in our trust of and for each other
  • No! Cheating is having sex outside my marriage.
  • I would consider it betrayal, and hurtful. But, cheating is a little extreme. If that occured to me, then I would confront my wife and tell her my feelings about the whole situation, and tell her from there <this comes from a previous question I answered two days ago> that I now have expectations of her to not do it anymore.
  • Yes, If you love your spouse why would you need that kind of outlet
  • I wouldn't stoop to their level. Nothing could make me cheat. I would just leave the relationship.
  • I wouldn't call it cheating..
  • i would if they kept it secret,
  • If it is not physical cheating it is emotional cheating. All this stuff "is this cheating, is that cheating" is sad. If you are with someone on a one to one basis, agreed to by both (especially a marriage), ANYTHING (spending, gambling, strip clubs, sex, phone sex etc., etc., etc.) done in secret outside the relationship is cheating the other partner. The relationship is supposed to be about the two people in the relationship. If one person has needs and wants outside the relationship they should "get out of the relationship" and let the other person get on with their life.
  • well that is why you need to get boundaries straight. I think flirting is fun and chatting is too. I wouldn't consider it cheating unless it was an obsession and kept secret.
  • i would consider it cheating because anything you do online can cross over to being done in person. i feel that if your s.o is satisfied with you then there is no reason to want to go online to flirt with another person.
  • **Edit: I just noticed I answered this question twice....but I stand by both answers. Darn these old questions that pop up and trick me into answering them twice!!:) It would depend entirely on the situation.....sometimes flirting can be harmless. I flirt all the time, but there is never anything sexual behind it. If someone were to chastize me for my flirtatious behavior, I would think they were being childishly jealous, ridiculous, and petty. That being said, I understand that flirting online can easily step over the line. When it becomes something explicitly sexual in nature, that's a whole different ballgame. If the person were secretive about the online chats I'd definitely be suspicious. People who behave themselves have nothing to hide;)
  • No, I would not consider that cheating--especially if my S/O was naturally outgoing and/or flirty.
  • Cheating? probably not. Unfaithful and wrong? yes.
  • No. Cheating is NOT flirting and chatting. There IS a line there, though. If it turns to cyber-sex, then yes. Come on... We "chat" and "flirt" with each other all over the bag. It's TEASING. It's NOT cheating. Many of us who do are happily married, and would NEVER think of crossing that line.
  • Not at all. Nothing wrong with a little chatting.
  • YES.......flirting online can lead to cheating....its the bridge that leads to cheating
  • No. If it's only online, I wouldn't. But, if he felt guilty, then I wouldn't like it. Guilt means that he is hiding something. But personally, I don't have a problem with it.
  • i dont think its cheating, but i wouldnt be comfortable with it. as long as they dont hide anything from you and never swap numbers or anything i guess there's not a lot you can do. as long as you know that if you asked them to stop, then they would, thats not so bad.
  • I suppose the question is...Does the person doing the flirting think of it as cheating and do you think of it as cheating? Partners should discuss their boundaries. This isn't always easy to do and boundaries often get crossed but it would provide a framework.
  • It would depend completely on how your relationship defines "cheating." For me, cheating = sex; and for me, sex has to be in person. So "online flirting" would not qualify.
  • If what you are doing would be considered cheating if it were done in person, then YES.

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