• None as long as you washed it off and kept it away from the h01e. Other wise they're slim to none, but you'd be surprised at how little it actually takes to get pregnant. Also as a side note, it's really hard to get pregnant just after your period because the the time when you the most fertile is about day 13-15 through the cycle. But the day your period starts is counted as day one. So anywhere from 1 to 4 percent chance.
  • i wouldn't be worried. i mean with unprotected sex there is always a chance of pregnancy. but if your confident that he was out then you should be fine.
  • Wow... I'm really surprised at everyone's answers! PRE-CUM everyone. Let's go back yo 4th grade when they taught you all this! THERE IS SPERM IN PRE-CUM!!!!! Not all guys know when it's coming, or that they even pre-came at all. It could happen a couple seconds after he goes inside you, it may take 15 minutes, but you can get pregnant from pre-cum alone. Second of all... you can get pregnant when he blows his load on the outside of your vagina. They swim.. duh!! You're all wet, his sperm finds the right path, and BINGO... you're pregnant! I'm not saying it's more than a 50% chance you're preggo or anyting, but the answers you got are missleading! You are MOST fertile in the middle of your cycle, about two weeks before/after your period... but that doesn't mean you can't get pregnant during the rest of your cycle. Right after your period (1-8 days after your period), your ovary releases an egg. Then it travles down your fallopian tube, and anywhere from your ovary to your uterus, a sperm can fertilize the egg... that's more than a 2 week span. If the egg is not fertilized by the time it's well in the uterus, then that's when you have your period, but the egg waits in there for at least a week, giving ample time for yout uterus to fill with the blood lining (later turning into your period). Do your homework, talk to your doctor, and DON'T take any answer on this site 100% serious!
  • There is sperm in the pre-cum. But, it depends on how fertile you are and when you ovulated.
  • 1-21-2008 Going to what?!
  • What are the chances going to matter if you are? Both of you need to grow up and be responsible adults or stop having sex! No child should have to pay the price for your selfish irresponsibility!

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