• Do you not trust your husband?
  • you should trust him.
  • You'll just have to trust your husband. If you can't do that - it's not the secretary that's the problem.
  • If you trust him, and he loves you... get over it. she could just be nice to everyone. I am like that... super outgoing.
  • No. Maybe that's her personality and she's generally nice to everyone. You need to have more trust in your husband. Just because he's friendly and attractive dosen't mean that every woman he meets will be attracted to him.
  • If your husband has never given you any reason to worry in the past then you have nothing to worry about. Trust him to be faithful and be glad he has found a secretary who makes his job easier.
  • If she's really attractive, I'd wonder why he hired her. Most of the best secretaries aren't really all that attractive. So...if she isn't much to look at, I wouldn't worry at all. If she is, I'd maybe somehow find out what made her more qualified over the others.
  • hopefully your husband has not given you any reason to doubt him. I would talk to my husband and express my concerns about the secertary, but be sure you don't accuse your hubby of being unfaithful. As long as you trust your hubby and there is no reason to do other wise, I would not worry.
  • That depends on how strong your marriage is.
  • Either trust him or give him a whole bunch of sex and take care of your business.
  • You know, once I was a secretary in a small office, I was the only one in the office most of the time. The owners wife often talked about having my family to dinner when they got settled (they had just moved). She popped in from time-to-time and was friendly until one day when the boss and I were joking about something. All of a sudden the talk of having us to dinner stopped, and she was very cold and rude to me. Not long after that my boss told me he was laying me off because they were hiring someone to do sales, and they couldn't afford a secretary and a sales person. Turns out this other person worked there for a few weeks and did nothing but talked on her cell phone. I think I was let go because the boss's wife was uncomfortable with me. There was absolutely nothing going on. He was a great looking guy, but I was in a relationship where I was living with someone (who I'm now married to) and there were never any inappropriate thoughts, even. But we were very friendly. Oh, his dog was in the office a lot and usually sat in a chair at my desk with me (I'm a huge animal lover) and he'd joke that I was the dog's step-mama, and I think that put her over the edge. So anyway, I think my point is that I got let go from a job I enjoyed and did well for really no reason. I know it happens, but the boss/secretary thing is such a cliche'. If you have a good marriage you should really have faith in your husband. So many men are oblivious to things that we women "think" are obvious!
  • Story of my life. Be suspicious of the woman.
  • hum depends. Is she married or does she have a b/f? Not that that always matters but I mean if she's a cute friendly chick and has a new baby at home then she might not be checking out your man...if she's single then be worried because a lot of relationships start in the work place because you spend the most time there. Make sure to be extra nice to your hubby when he comes home. Dont make the work place more enjoyable than home
  • Coventional wisdom says if he did it to his ex, he'll do it to you too. I'd be skeptical.
  • Were you ever secretary to your husband?
  • I see no reason to be concerned at all. If I were a guy, I would hate it if my wife was so insecure. My husband is around woman all day. He is super friendly. I have even had woman try to make me jealous. I see no reason to even think about it. I am secure where I stand
  • Don't give him a reason to cheat on you. ;) I think that will make it easier to trust him. Your feelings are completely normal, so don't let people make you feel bad for having them. You've accepted that your husband has a weakness, and that's better than avoiding the truth. It doesn't mean you don't trust him. It means you've accepted reality. Well, that's the way I see it anyway. Any human being can fall. Anyone. You know that since you've experienced it yourself. Other people may not want to admit it, but it's true. So yeah, just meet his needs, and I think your problem should be taken care of.

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