• There's really only one reason, and it's the same reason why heterosexuals should be allowed to marry. THEY WANT TO!
  • because i think that everyone should be able to marry no matter straight or not its there choice for the people that do not like seeing it can just learn to turn the other way.....
  • Dictionary definition of marriage: legal union of a man and woman. Seems that it cannot happen linguistically and do they want that?
  • it's a union between consenting adults who love each other.....maybe i should ask "why not?"
  • Once you take religion out of it (please, someone finally seperate church and state!), it's a legal contract between two consenting adults.
  • They are people too. I can't pass judgment on someone because of their sexual orientation. I don't know why God made them that way.
  • Basically the same reasons that African Americans shouldn't be slaves and women should be able to vote. Because we are all equal and we should all be able to choose what we want.
  • Because, Heterosexuals enjoy hundreds of legal rights and protections through the use of marriage. Most people do not understand the legal significance of marriage, and that it is a contract between the couple and the state. These rights need to be given to couples committed to the social contract of marriage. If they can make this commitment, then they deserve this protection.
  • maybe because it is no ones elses buisness--just my thoughts-smile and enjoy the day
  • Bascially its a civil right. Six other countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Norway, and South Africa allow them to get married and its high time the USA the "land of the free" should allow them to get married as well. Gays are people too and they are entitiled to the same legal rights as anyone else.
  • An admirable response.
  • Acting upon the request of the Chairman of the Committee on the Judiciary of the United States House of Representatives, the General Accounting Office identified 1,049 benefits, rights, and privileges only offered through legal marriage. These numerous legal protections are only given with the legal status of marriage, and when a person is prevented from entering the legal status of marriage they are denied the equal protections of the law.
  • 1) Because marriage is a right granted by the state (US goverment). 2) Because the Constitution is supposed to grant equal rights to all US citizens. 3) Because denying this right for a US citizen to marry one other unrelated person of age of their choice is blatant discrimination. 4) Because LGBT people fall in love the same as straight people do.
  • No reason they shouldn't have to suffer like the rest of us...
  • Well each to their own its not bothering you it doesnt bother me if they are happy go for it :)
  • Because there are no valid reasons for them not to get married that aren't bigoted or hiding behind religion.
  • We only have one life and we should enjoy it. If they like the same sex and they fall in love I can’t see a reason why not to get married. If a man and woman are allowed to get married why can’t a man and man or woman and a woman get married? We are all equal and we should be able to choose what we want. Once you take religion out of it , it's a legal contract between two consenting adults.
  • let them get on with it it makes no difference to anyone else, if you dont you clearly need a more interesting life
  • Money.
  • I'm a bisexual blonde white woman and I definitely think homosexuals should be allowed to be married. In fact I think bisexuals should be able to have both a husband and wife.
  • because they love each other. im assuming your straight. why should YOU be aloud to get married?

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