• If I use my hand to hold my leg in a sitting position, then gently "set" it down on the floor it usually goes right away. Occasionally this continues for a few minutes. This bizarre thing only happens occasionally and it's been going on since puberty. I used to be a competitive swimmer for about 10 years of childhood/adolescence. Could it be the cause?
  • maybe a pinched nerve
  • What you are describing sounds like a problem with the hip joint itself. My first thought was osteoarthritis, but since you've been having it from childhood, it could be many things. I would see an orthopedist if it bothers you a great deal.
  • There is a joint back there called your sacral-iliac joint, and there are nerve roots that run through the sacrum and it is connected to your hip bones on each side. You should probably consult a chiropractor and they will take an xray and see what that joint looks like. You very well may have had development issues in that area while your bones were still growing and fusing. Competitive sports for young children are just not a good idea.

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