• German Shepherds need to stop being bred. They are severely prone to hip dysplasia, a debilitating disorder that causes a lot of pain. That could be the cause.
  • My 6 Y/O GSD has the exact same problem. upon visual inspection, there is no debris stick in her pad, nor any inflammation/ redness. However, when I push on her toe, she winces. it appears that she stubbed her toe. I would see the vet to get a painreliever, and give the dog ++rest (no stairs, walking)The vet that I saw recommended monitoring her for 2 weeks to see if there are any impovements, I would definitely see a vet to get xray done, and also rule out soft tissue damage, or bone damage. As for the previous answer, I'm not sure how a comment like that helps as you mentioned it was the front paw, not near the hip. As for hip displasia that is unfortunate, though there are MANY other dogs with either cardiac, respiratory, or issues, and there are MANY other dogs that are interbred. with any dog you need to be careful of how they are bred.
  • Off topic but i need to post a rebuttal to the uneducated answer referring to hip dysplasia. Statistics on hip dysplasia: German Shepherd #38
  • hello yes we had that are vet said it was to much excerises or its growing pains just told us to walk the dog not to let her run around for 2 - 3 weeks then to see if she's ok and yes she don't limp anymore . hope this helps you or please let me know what your vet says thanks kev

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