• I think those are vicodin.
  • Yep, that's vicodin. I used to take them.
  • There is a website that has a pill identifier:
  • its vicodin 5/500. i have a bottle of them in front of me now.
  • It's vicodin, a highly addictive pain pill. I'd suggest you take a look at how he acts, you'll notice if he's on them. Trust me on that.
  • Absolutely Vicodin. I have been taking them for 12 years for back and knee pain. I have had different inscriptions on the pills that I have had. Is he suffering from some long term pain of injury? If so, he may need them just to get through the day. It isn't always people who just want the euphoria who take them. Good luck.
  • well, I actually knew the answer, and was trying to help, but I see everyone beat me to it....but I agree with them. I get prescription pain pills think he's addicted? or had someone else in his car?
  • Vicodin
  • I agree with everyone, it is Vicoden I have been on these for quite some time due to my back pain.
  • what you have here is a vicodin. it contains 5mg of hydrocodon and 500mg of acetaminophen. tell your husband nice choice.
  • your husbands a pill head lady
  • Well they are Vicodin or hydrocodone. Any way a P.D.R. book at your local drug store cost about 8 bucks and you can trace any pill down with the pictures and markings. Ask him if he takes them orally or snorts them! You never know now days who is going to be a pill head and steal your pills and everyone elses. My pharmist was just arrested for taking narcotics from the store he works. To bad I didn't know him better!

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