• Depends on how badly he's out of shape. If he really needs to lose weight than it might just be dedication. However if he's in reasonably decent shape, I would talk to him about it, it could easily become a eating disorder.
  • I'd say absolutely. You should never punish yourself for eating something. Oops can be okay I guess. Like after I eat a bag of Doritos. =) Chances are, however, I'll do something like go running the next day. Not shave my head.
  • Any obsession can become harmful. The word 'punishment' jumped at me. He should be careful.
  • That just screams eating disorder.
  • I don't think you need to start worrying until his fingers go down his throat.
  • Sound serious. Intervention time might be coming up. Are there any other friends that you can talk to about this? Maybe you can all talk to him about it together. Sometimes when someone has a problem and they're confronted by a group of people they feel like they're being ganged up on, but all you have to do is explain that you're all there to help him because you're all concerned for him, and you all care about him. :-)?
  • Yeah it sounds bad. I wouldn't say its a form of eating disorder but more of an addiction. I'm not a doctor so again only my opinion not a diagnosis. I would say he needs to see a therapist. A friend of mine's girlfriend had an actual addiction to working out. She ate healthy but would punish herself if she didn't make it to the gym for being lazy. By that I mean she would punish herself the next day in the Gym. He forced her to see a therapist when she had a mental breakdown and when her car was stuck in three feet of snow and she couldn't make it to the Gym. It happens
  • depends on how obsessive he is. Like I plan on going lean but i wouldnt deprive myself of food if im hungry. Is your friend overweight? Maybe he just wanted attention or he decided to go bald and wanted to act wierd by making that comment.
  • I guess I'd say it's obsessive-compulsive. It sounds like he is trying some inventive ways to become more disciplined. If it works, and he doesn't overeat in the future, great. If it doesn't work, he's probably gonna feel pretty foolish (which should stop him from doing stuff like that).
  • Orthorexia nervosa. Sounds like he has an unhealthy obsession of health foods.

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